Friday, October 14, 2011

Wonderful places in Catalonia (north east Spain)

This web-site try to show you other point of view of this small but interesting country, where you can find the famous city of Barcelona:  This is  Catalonia (Catalunya)

After visit Barcelona with Gaudí buildings, the Ghotic Cathedral, the Olimpic ring, the old and new port and others, you need to see more..... the Costa Brava, Sitges, the interior of Lleida, the Pyrenees, the wine cellars in Penedès or Priorat, l'Empordà with the Dalí Museum and the magnific jewish town of Girona.

All this places, with your diversity, culture and traditions, give you a complet vision of this little, but rich country: Catalunya

Is the interior of Catalunya, sometimes unknowed for the local people, that give us a idea of the big quantity and variety landscapes: from the highest mountains in center nord with the pyrenees, to the medium montains in center and south west: Monstsec and Montsant, with all kind of productions: Olive oil, fruits, dry fruits, farms, natural parks and your, every year, more prestigious wines, like Priorat, Penedès, Costers del segre and Empordà. All at your hands. Permit me, to show you.

Roman Llort
Director of Press i Car BCN
Limo Service Barcelona